Why You Should Ignore Strangers on WhatsApp

When using WhatsApp, it is impossible for someone to message you without knowing your phone number. However, your number can still be obtained through random number generators or the information was purchased illegally from unethical companies. Your phone number will then be used by scammers to contact you through WhatsApp and promote fake messages or websites. Here are some of things that could happen if you decide to respond to them.

One type of scam is that these scammers will message you to promote a link which promises a free gift or shopping voucher that you can redeem through a survey. Similarly, they could also try to promote an online shopping website to you. In both cases, it will prompt you to fill in your personal details and payment information. If proceeded with the payment, you have just transferred a large sum of money to the scammers or even surrendered your bank details to them.

Additionally, the same type of scam could be introduced in the form of an app. The scammers will try to promote a “Gold Version” of WhatsApp and persuade you by saying it is usually used by celebrities or have several new features which the basic WhatsApp does not have. If you proceed to download it, you will have willingly paid the subscription fee for a non-existing service.

This fake version of WhatsApp may even contain a WhatsApp hack which is a spy tool used by the scammers to access your personal WhatsApp. In this case, all your messages and its contents will be collected by the scammers and sold to companies who want private information. Even worse, your personal information may be used to blackmail and further exploit you.

From this, we all can share the lesson of not responding to any stranger messages that we receive through WhatsApp. If you check that the number has no mutual conversation groups in your WhatsApp, you can be sure that they obtained your phone number through unethical means and should be promptly block or reported as spam.

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