Things Nobody Tells You About Sous Vide Cooking


Sous vide cooking is a technique that involves a precise control over temperature to deliver restaurant-quality dishes. The technique only gained traction in recent years as a result of sous vide precision cooking equipment becoming affordable. Many chefs who are new to this method of food preparation come across questions such as ‘what can i cook sous vide with?’, ‘what is sous vide cooking’, and ‘how do i cook sous vide?’. There are many misconceptions on what sous vide is not and what it actually is, so let’s boil down a few of them.

People often think that sous vide is just boiling plastic bags with food in them. This is entirely false as sous vide uses water bath that does not exceed boiling point. The unique thing about this is that the desired temperature that has been set for the sous vide machine can remain at the same temperature for days until the food is cooked at the desired way. More importantly, the vacuum-sealed bag also contains an environment that is humid enough for the food to slowly braise which tenderizes the texture but keeps the natural flavor at the same time.

Unfortunately, people might also avoid sous vide cooking due to the misconception that sous vide cooks food in plastic. There are sealed pouches that are made especially for cooking purposes, which means that only plastic pouches that are phthalate and Bisphenol A (BPA) free are used for cooking as they are heat friendly as well.

Sous vide is a remarkable form of cooking in retaining the original flavors and colors of the food. Even with its unconventional use of vacuum, it has made a name in preserving the quality and enhancing the flavors of a dish. For more detailed information on sous vide and recipes associated with the cooking technique, one can visit the website of Sous Vide Wizard at

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