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How Bamboo Pillows are Made

Bamboo pillows have been marketed everywhere as one of the best pillows for better sleep and have also received positive bamboo pillow reviews from customers. They are also marketed as the pillow that uses natural organic materials, making it a pillow full of luxury and class that makes sleep a miracle. But are bamboo pillows a healthier and more comfortable alternative to regular pillows. Well firstly, we’ll need to understand what makes up a pillow.

Pillows aren’t very complicated to make. You might even have someone make you a small pillow when you were young or may have made a pillow yourself. A pillow consists of two parts: the cover and the filling. The covers are usually made from a variety of different fabrics that are not limited to cotton, polyester, organic cotton, and bamboo. Moving on to the filling, pillow fillings are commonly made stuffed with either wool, cotton, buckwheat, latex, memory foam, poly-fill, or down filling. However, you might notice that bamboo isn’t part of the list of fillings. That’s because bamboo only makes up 40% of the bamboo pillow and the bamboo fabric is only used as a cover. Not even the best bamboo pillows have bamboo filled inside the pillows.

Bamboo products are quite popular these days. The main reason why is that bamboo shoots are natural fast growing plants and has also been labeled as the fastest growing plant in the whole world. They are able to grow up to 1 meters in four days which makes it a viable source of material for many things. Using bamboos as an alternative way to create better and sustainable products can also lead to reducing waste and tree logging as well. So if you’re thinking of getting yourself a bamboo pillow, don’t hesitate. You might even save a tree in the end!