Removing yourself from Reverse Phone Books

Reverse phone books and their modern counterparts, online reverse directories, contains phone numbers alongside the owner’s name and address. To remove your name, simply ask the service to remove your information from its database. It may not always be easy to find the root source of this information, but your information should be successfully removed through a bit of searching.

Searching up your name in internet search engines such as Google could displayed multiple websites that have your phone number listed, some of which could reveal its inclusion in a reverse directory. To find these websites quickly, type your phone number, including the area code, in this format: “555-555-1234.” This returns all websites that have this phone number listed, in both the 555-555-1234 format, as well as (555) 555-1234. Using the quotation marks ensures that you won’t get results that don’t include your exact number, like someone with the same number in a different area code.

Next you need to ask for your number to be removed. Examine the websites containing your number for directions on how to remove it. If no clear instructions are available, search for the website owner’s email address and contact them through there.Your personal information contained in online reverse directories can come from various sources. One source might be your local White Pages, but this isn’t the only source of information. Personal information provided by you to a business or website has a chance that it will be sold to reverse phone lookup services without your permission.

Removing your name from a website does not stop your personal information from being distributed online by other companies, more so if that information is still being kept by the underlying third-party database. Make it a habit to frequently search for your phone number to ensure that your information is not capitalized by new companies.

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