Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking

You’ve seen people talk about how amazing it is to jailbreak a locked down iPhone as well as check out a list of new and cool applications to try out that would only work with jailbreaking your phone. But if you’re looking to start jailbreaking, you should at least know what you’re getting and what you’re not going to get back once you do.

One of the many pros in jailbreaking is that you’re able to enjoy total control and customization over a restricted phone. Not only do you get to be able to download applications outside of the mobile’s restriction, but you’ll also get to finally install that new theme and keyboard that Apple doesn’t have in their store. People often jailbreak their devices in order to develop their own design or develop new applications. Unless you’re a new hacker trying to test out their new WhatsApp hack application, the cons that come with jailbreaking may weigh out the positive parts of it.

If your phone is under warranty, jailbreaking your phone will revoke any rights for warranty claim in case of phone damage and system failure. Not only that, the value of your device will decrease significantly due to the absence of the original operating system, which will make selling your phone quite a difficult process. Furthermore, as your phone is open to any app installation, you’ll also be susceptible to malware and hackers intercepting your network.

So if you’re going to jailbreak your phone or learn how to jailbreak just for fun, maybe skip out on the newer iPhone model and use an older one instead. Also, read up on the potential risks of cybersecurity threats once jailbreaking is initiated and learn of ways on how to avoid these attacks in the future.

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