Equipment Printer – What It Is and Why You Need It

This may also be known as “rescue to some hard copy”.

Equipment printers, also known as VGA printers, can convert the analog VGA or digital DVI flow coming out of the source equipment to an electronic format and then send it straight to a local or networked printer in which the picture is published on paper. The VGA printer employs a frame grabber to catch the VGA or DVI signal in the equipment and deliver to the processor that converts the images to a format that’s readable with a typical printer.

Equipment printers are frequently utilized in seminar, presentation, court, scientific, industrial and company environments. At a seminar or demonstration in a court environment, video printers are utilized to make printouts of shots of annotated video proof that’s subsequently awarded to jury members, attorneys, and witnesses. Gear and VGA printers have been utilized to publish everything is displayed on the monitor for safety or troubleshooting functions. Equipment printers are also utilized in areas like navigation, in which the picture that’s now exhibited on the radar gear is stored as a hard copy for safety and instructional functions.

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