Bathing Made Easy

It’s a rewarding sensation to have a shower, whether cold or warm, after a long day on the job. The splash of water on your chilly skin, the fragrance of your lavender shampoo, the rich lather in your body… when suddenly, you need to cut it short since you’re already tired of being on your toes. Why stand when you can enjoy the moment when sitting on a tub transfer seat?

Transfer seat, more popularly called shower seat, is introduced to be certain people who have difficulty standing can still take pleasure in the bathroom ritual.

Parents find shower chairs really helpful when bathing their children because children like to play with water and as such don’t remain in one location while being cleansed. By means of a shower seat, parents can properly wash their children, with the children enjoying the tub whilst sitting. Bath benches are also helpful when you have elders in your home. As a result of their weak muscles and brittle bones, the elderly often have less power to survive cleansing while standing.

Due to the toilet’s external structure–glistening surfaces, wet slippery floors, and installed electric appliances–old and young individuals are always in danger of accidents like slipping and falling. When used frequently, shower seats help rid those accidents.

For smaller bathrooms, folded shower seatsĀ teak bathroom stool are best choices.

Usually, in case you’ve got a tub on your toilet, a shower seat is set in such a way that half of this seat sits within the bathtub while the other half stays out. The person using the toilet seat would sit on the side situated outside of the bathtub then slide across the other hand when sitting. For those people who are on wheelchair, this fashion makes it easier for them to have a shower with minimum help in any respect.

Transfer chairs feature a place for shower curtain positioning so that you don’t need to be concerned that other people could see you while bathing. The said seat has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

The materials used for creating shower chairs are watertight and rust-proof. This makes sure that the shower seat lasts its lifespan. Transfer bath chairs are made from lightweight substances for effortless transport and movement. Some models are connected to the wall which you only need to pull it down if desired.

If you’re seriously contemplating buying shower tub chair for your house, be certain you check just how much weight it can take. If it’s intended for a kid alone, you may pick a smaller unit, but when it’ll be used by every individual in the home, different heights and sizes are available.

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